Everlearn Group Introduction

睿稚集团成立于2004年,集团凭借其专业的国际背景,以及对儿童启蒙需求的深刻认识,致力于“最适宜国内儿童启蒙教育项目的引入、管理和发展。集团一贯秉持“高度国际化、强大执行力、持续发展性”的品牌核心价值观,并全力将此实践于所引荐的启蒙服务中,是专为儿童提供教育服务的国际性企业。睿稚集团旗下现有“天才宝贝”,“小小地球英语”以及HK Kindergarten Holding LIMITED公司投资的“宋庆龄国际幼儿园”三个教育品牌。

Everlearn International Group was founded in 2004 with the mission to provide high-quality educational services to pre-school children worldwide. Our Group has successfully launched world-proven education programs such as FasTracKids and FasTrack English, developed by international education experts, into the China market. Currently, more than twenty-thousand Chinese pre-schoolers in thirty-some cities benefit from these programs in which they learn to acquire knowledge, think creatively, express themselves confidently, communicate and cooperate with peers efficiently.